Thursday, June 18

June Garden Update-Portland, OR

View of some of the community beds

On my mind right now


The weather here in the Pacific Northwest has been very warm this year. With long stretches of 80's and 90's degree days. It feels like August here instead of June. It has had an effect on the garden. The spring producing vegetables like peas are confused and are dying off . As a result, I have been harvesting vegetables sooner. Caroline told me that her peas in Maine are a few inches while mine are ready to die off. It feels like we are a whole season apart.


They are everywhere! So far I have not resorted to using the slug pellets that most gardeners use here.  I have tried egg shells, which seemed to work somewhat. Lately I have also been cutting down bramble berry branches in my battle with the slugs. I strip off the leaves to expose the thorns and use the branches to line the raised bed. It seems to be working and brambleberry is an invasive plant that can be found everywhere here. I think you could also use rose branches.

Epsom Salts

I have been hearing about using  epsom salts in the garden as a fertilizer for a while. This season I decided to try it, and so far I am excited about the results. I sprinkled some on the surface of a few of my beds and was amazed that my plants perked up in one day. I also diluted some with water in a spray bottle to use on the plants. Here is some information on how to use it.

Community Bed Tomatoes

My bed of  Onions, Potatoes and Peas

The Peas have started to pod finally

Mini beds of Strawberry, Lettuce, Onions and Beans in the area at the back of my home 

Mini drawer beds of Beets and Tomatoes
A Pea has taken over this Tomato Cage

Mini drawer beds of Beans


Hannah said...

This warm weather has been disconcerting, I'm just wondering what is in store for us in the summer. I'm getting peas now too, and strawberries, early blueberries, and the end of last year's collards and kale as they go to seed. Your drawer beds are cute, good way to recycle! I've got most all of my vegetables planted so I'm concentrating on weeding, laying out soaker hoses, and mulching with browned grass clippings. Then I will mostly just be watering and tying up tomato vines. Happy gardening!

Michele, Sprouts said...

@Hannah. Hopefully it will be a better year for the summer crops such as tomatoes and cucumbers. I cut down the rest of my peas this week.

Deborah said...

Your mini beds are so cute--love them!

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