Wednesday, August 15

Something Is Eating My Elderberry Bush

For the second year in a row, something has eaten most of my elderberries from the bush. I don't mind, as I can find plenty of elderberries in the wild and this bush attracts wildlife to my garden.

 It's hard to see in this photo, but this cluster of elderberries is nearly gone. I'm curious what is eating it. I can't imagine green elderberries taste very good!

Tuesday, August 14

My Little Greenhouse

This little greenhouse has served me well.

 I've used it for starting seeds in the spring, and putting out plants before the first frost. I've used it to extend my growing season. One year I grew tomatoes in it.  This year, I am using it for some of my container plants to get a break from all the excess rain we've had. I'm hoping my peppers might blossom and produce some more before the season is out, since the rain caused many to rot on the vine. In the greenhouse, I can control the amount of water the plants get.

It's easy to put together. I do take it down each winter. If left out in the cold all winter, the plastic will deteriorate and tear.

It's also light weight and easy to move around. I have had it in a number of locations over the years.

The best location I have found is on a deck for a good foundation, but I've also set it on the grass and on a stone patio. This little greenhouse has served me well.

Monday, August 13

Gorgeous Gardens: Carmel Mission California

I've been looking through old photos recently and found these from our trip to California in 2009. I can't believe it's been so long since we visited. This is one of my favorite gardens of all time. Peace and serenity fill this special place. 

One of the things I loved about California was the bougainvillea. I wish we could grow it in Maine, but unfortunately, that will never happen.

I remember this garden was filled with birds. There were birds nesting in the rafters of this veranda and little hummingbirds flitted among the blossoms. 

I loved all the missions we visited on that trip, but Carmel was my favorite.
I hope someday I will be able to visit Carmel Mission Gardens again. 
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