Sunday, June 25

Hand tied mini bouquet

First hand tied bouquet of the season

A lovely David Austin Rose

"Pretty in Pink"

An old fashion look

The bouquet in a blue and white vase

Billings Farm and Museum Woodstock, Vermont

We took so many photos at the Billings Farm, it was difficult to decide which to post!

 The picturesque Billings Farm and Museum across the street from the Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historic site, it not your ordinary New England farm. Frederick Billings owned the farm, but he didn't live on it. We toured the farm house, which was state of the art for 1890 and built for the farm manager and his family. It's too much for me to relay here, so do visit their website to learn about the fascinating history.

A vegetable garden sits outside the farmhouse, but when we visited in early June, was just getting started, with herbs and rhubarb growing. The guide told us they are in the process of planting it with heirloom varieties. Inside the house, we saw the most incredible pantry, where produce was preserved and stored.

In addition to touring the house, we learned about heirloom breeds of chickens, cows, sheep and horses.


Friday, June 23

Sprouts Friday Featured Favorites: Gardening in Norway

Four years ago, Sprouts posted our 20 Favorite YouTube gardeners. It's consistently our most popular post. Since then, more gardeners have shared their wisdom and gardens on youtube. Each Friday, we will feature one garden channel we find inspiring.

This week's featured YouTube Gardener is Halvor in Norway. His channel "Gardening in Norway" is always interesting.

Tuesday, June 20

No space for a garden? Consider your front yard

Watch this Canadian Video for inspiration. This couple changed their lawn over to a very pretty vegetable garden. If you are considering doing the same, make sure to check the laws in your city or town. It could be illegal. It is probably best to know that you might be breaking laws before you start a front garden project than after.

Another suggestion we would have is to use raised beds like this couple did. If you don't use raised beds,then you will probably want to test your soil to make sure it is not contaminated. If you are just growing flowers, you can skip this step. However, I would still test your soil even if you are growing flowers to make sure you know what amendments to add to your soil.

Personally, we love gravel because it gives the garden an instant cottage look. Other options are wood chips or mulch. If you are using grass, make sure that you leave wide enough paths to use a mower.

Monday, June 19

Take a look at what is flowering now in my Garden, Portland, OR

Love these old fashion English Roses

It is always a good year for Roses in the "City of Roses"

Tobacco Plant

My helpers from next door

A friend gave me these succulents out of her garden

The "Guerilla Garden" unused land at the back of the property 


I think I have too many Pink Roses

Sunday, June 18

Exploring Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historic "The Belvedere"

Behind the formal garden at the Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historic Park, is The Belvedere, a pretty two story cottage that reminded me of a doll house. When we visited, pink tulips were in full bloom, creating a charming effect.

A park ranger told us the cottage was a play house for the children of the Billings family. That’s quite a playhouse! In the 1950s, it was remodeled by the Rockefellers. In the 1960s, a fallout shelter was added underneath the complex.

A greenhouse extends off the back. A second greenhouse was where you see the pool now. The Rockefellers removed that greenhouse, replacing it with the pool.

I love the pink tulips!

The pink tulips look so pretty with the cottage in the background.

Another wing behind the house is a bowling alley. The Rockefellers replaced an older bowling alley with this one.

Coral bells grew around this rock garden and I even saw one growing in a crack on the stone stairs.

While we didn't get the chance to tour the fallout shelter, here's someone who did and posted it on youtube. This short video gives a glimpse inside and information from a park ranger.

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