Thursday, June 1

June in Bloom: Gardening Tips for Sacramento, CA

June is a time of growth and abundance in the garden in Sacramento, CA. With the weather warming up and the soil moist from spring rains, it's the perfect time to plant, prune, and prepare your garden for the summer months.

Here are some tips on what to do in your garden in Sacramento, CA in June:

1. Fertilize rhododendrons and azaleas: Give your rhododendrons and azaleas a boost with an acid-based fertilizer if needed . This will help them produce an abundance of beautiful blooms.

2. Plant warm-season vegetables: If soil temperature is above 70 degrees, it's time to plant eggplants, melons, tomatoes, squash, and peppers . Choose a variety of colors and shapes to create a visually stunning vegetable garden.

3. Manage weeds: Keep on top of weeds while they are small and still growing . Use natural weed control methods such as mulching or hand weeding to keep your garden weed-free.

4. Watch out for pests: Keep an eye out for pests in the garden. Trap moles and gophers as new mounds appear . Use natural pest control methods such as companion planting or introducing beneficial insects to keep pests at bay.

5. Apply mulch: When the soil is warm, apply a layer of mulch around your plants as long as there are no weeds. Mulch discourages weeds and helps to conserve moisture . Choose an organic mulch such as shredded leaves or straw to add nutrients to the soil as it decomposes.

6. Mow your lawn regularly: Keep your lawn looking neat and tidy by mowing it regularly . Leave the clippings on the lawn to add nutrients back into the soil.

7. Conserve water: Lay soaker hoses or drip lines on garden beds to conserve water . This will help keep your plants hydrated while using less water.

8. Plant bedding flowers: Add a pop of color to your garden by planting bedding flowers in moist soil . Remember to keep them well watered to ensure they thrive.

9. Prune flower shrubs: Keep your flower shrubs looking their best by pruning them after they have finished blooming—azaleas, forsythia, lilacs, and rhododendrons . You can also prune evergreens once new growth appears .

10. Sow hardy annual seeds: Add some instant color to your garden by sowing hardy annual seeds such as calendula, cosmos, and sweet peas . These flowers will bloom quickly and provide a beautiful display throughout the summer months.

By following these tips and taking good care of your garden in June, you'll be rewarded with a beautiful and productive garden throughout the summer months.

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