As told by Michele

I first met Caroline in 9th grade when I transferred to a small Southern Maine High School from London, England. I remember that she looked so American to me with her tan docker pants, Shetland sweater and boat shoes. We became the best of friends and have remained so ever since.

Through the last 20 years or so our lives have taken totally different twists and turns. I moved to Michigan, graduated form college and continued on a career track in Retail Management that led me from Michigan to Ohio. While in Ohio I got married, divorced, opened a Spa then decided to start all over again in Portland, Oregon. In contrast Caroline's life after college was much different from mine. She remained in Maine, got married after graduating and raised a family of four.

The first three words that come to mind when I think of how to describe Caroline to you is devoted; as in completely devoted to her family and children. Caroline has home schooled her kids their whole life. Her oldest child is now a busy sophmore in college. Modesty is the second word that comes to mind. Gentle is the third word that comes to mind when describing her. Gentle as in having the inner strength to put other people's need always before her own and in being kind in all her dealings with others.

Caroline shares a love of animals and the members of her "pet family" include two cats, a dog, tropical fish, two guinea pigs, two parakeets, and a gerbil. Gardening is also one of the interests that we share. I am excited that Caroline and I can share our garden experienced by co-authoring this blog together. It is our way to remain close even though we live on opposite ends of the country. We hope you enjoy reading this blog as much as we enjoy creating it.

Visit Caroline and her family at Pine Cones and Periwinkles.

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