Wednesday, October 31

Happy Halloween 2018

This is what usually happens to the pumpkins on my deck this time of year, although my squirrels aren't as creative as this one.

Happy Halloween everyone!

Saturday, October 27

Flower of the Week is Corpse Flower

Watch this incredible time lapse from the Chicago Botanic Garden of a Corpse Flower blooming. Apparently her name is Alice! Amazing!

Saturday, October 13

Tuesday, October 2

Flower of the week is: Chrysanthemum

I look for myself but find no one. I belong to the chrysanthemum hour of bright flowers placed in tall vases. I should make an ornament of my soul.  Fernando Pessoa

What to do when it is just too Darn hot to Garden?

It has been a very hot summer everywhere. From what I have been told it is normal to get 100 plus days from the months here from  May to Oct...