Saturday, January 9

Winter Window Boxes with Dusty Miller

 It's been a fairly mild winter in Maine so far. We've had some snow but it has been short-lived and only patches remain here and there now. I'm sure with three months of winter to go, we will see our share of snow. 

I want to show you my mother's winter window boxes. I am so surprised that Dusty Miller hasn't died back yet. Dusty Miller is usually an annual in our area, but as you can see, it's survived at her house this year. 

Dusty Miller is hardy in USDA zones 8-10 so we shall see if it survives winter in zone 5. 
In addition to Dusty Miller, Mom used pine boughs and faux poinsettias in her winter window boxes. 
A grapevine wreath, birdhouse, and ceramic cardinal add interest to this window box. 

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