Monday, May 21

"Weight of the Nation" Video

Watch this important documentary. Latter segments also talk about issues like why less than 5% of US farmers actually grow produce other than corn and soy.

Monday, May 7

Note to Caroline: Garden Visitors

Hi there. I visited the community garden this morning only to find several of these mushrooms all over the straw that I placed over the seed potatoes that I planted last week. They are all over the place. I also spotted them in other plots.

A few beds over I found another visitor who is in love with my rhubarb leaves. I guess the leaves are only toxic to us humans.

Here is one of the early squash plant starts that a neighbor gave me. Again another visitor found them irresistible.Good thing I have a few packets of squash seeds that I can sow.

Do you have any problems with pests yet?

Tuesday, May 1

Happy May Day!

This morning the fairies left a May Day bouquet on our door step. It's hard to see in the photograph but it was filled with violets, strawberry blossoms and wildflowers. My daughter was delighted. It's pouring rain and cold here in Maine, so it was a little bit of cheer on a dreary May Day.

When I was a girl, we learned the Maypole dance at school on May Day. The teachers attached streamers to a flag pole and taught us how to dance around the Maypole, weaving the streamers into a pretty pattern. I also remember weaving baskets of construction paper and filling our baskets with wildflowers.

I found this lovely youtube video and song to mark the occasion this year. It may be raining outside but in our hearts, it's a beautiful spring day. Enjoy this day!

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