Saturday, August 29

Waterfalls in the Columbia River Gorge-Near Portland, OR

Multnomah Falls is Oregon's most famous natural attraction. But all together there are another 76 other waterfalls to visit in the area. Other falls just minutes from Multnomah include Wahkeena, Latoourell and Horsetail Falls. Parking is very limited, so if you are visiting you might want to consider talking a bus tour. One I take on a regular basis is
As of the date of this post prices were $54 for adults, $27 for youths and free for children under 6.

Another beautiful waterfall in the Gorge area

View from the other side of a waterfall

Multnomah Falls

Thursday, August 27

Crown Point and the Vista House-Outside Portland, OR

View from the visitor center

The Vista House is a historical visitor center build for people to see the spectacular sights  the Columbia River. The center sits hundreds of feet above the river in the River Gorge National Scenic Area. The visitor center is about a 40 minute drive from Portland and is only a few miles away from Oregon's most famous attraction-Multnomah Falls. 

The center includes marble women's bathrooms
The Columbia River looks very calm in the summer

Friday, August 21

Growing Tomatoes in the Little Greenhouse

This year has been a good one for tomatoes. I started seeds in late winter indoors and then transferred them to the little greenhouse once temperatures were high enough.
Here you see the plants back in June.  I planted most into the ground but saved a few to grow in the greenhouse as an experiment. I'm surprised to report those in the greenhouse have done much better than the garden plants. I wondered if the greenhouse would get too hot or the containers didn't hold enough soil. But it's been a good thing thus far. I've fertilized the greenhouse tomatoes with seaweed tea so that is a factor as well.

My hope is the greenhouse will extend our short growing season and I'll enjoy home grown tomatoes a little longer this year.

Wednesday, August 19

August Community Garden Album-Portland, OR

Winter Keeper Squash-a new variety that I am growing.

Lemon Cucumber. I have harvested up to 15 cucumbers on this one plant 

Mini watermelons

An assortment of tomatoes

Another winter squash

Growing another crop of beans.

Tuesday, August 18

Mom and Dad's Gigantic Geranium

Mom and Dad's front porch always looks so pretty in the summer, but this year I think it looks extra special.
The addition of two lush spider plants and a gigantic geranium to their three tiered hanging basket is a fantastic effect.
This geranium has grown at an unbelievable rate this summer. We have been wondering if geraniums will grow to fit the size of the container? Does anyone know?
Other geraniums they planted in smaller containers haven't grown to the large size this one has.
Isn't it gorgeous?

Monday, August 17

"The Earth Laughs in Flowers." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

August wildflowers in a Maine field-
 Purple loose-strife...

and lovely Queen Anne's Lace (three among many, many kind of wildflowers)

Sunday, August 16

Growing Zinnias from Seed

 In March, I purchased two packets of zinnia seeds at Walmart for 20 cents each. I have been so surprised by the results- a variety of shapes, colors and sizes of zinneas in my garden. I am so happy with these I think this will become a permanent tradition.
The colors are so vibrant- pinks both pale and bright, shades of red, orange and yellow, flat flowers, tall flowers....such variety!

I started them indoors on a window sill. When the weather was warm enough they went into my little greenhouse. After that I transplanted them into the garden beds.
Take a look at this crazy blossom with petals growing out of the center. I'd call it a whirligig zinnia if I could name it. This was the only blossom that did this, the others were symmetrical.
 I love the combination of three colors in this specimen.
And this tall but compact zinnia steals the show with layer upon layer of hot pink petals. So pretty!

The only problem I have encountered is snails....they do like to eat the leaves but so far have only damaged one plant. Other than that...success!

Saturday, August 15

Mom and Dad's Massive Magenta Impatiens

Every summer, I share my Mom and Dad's gardens with you. This year, they have the most beautiful flower pot of impatiens. I took a photo last night of this beauty.

If you'd like to see past year's posts about their gardens, you can check it out here and here and here.

Looking for specific info on how to grow impatiens? Visit the folks over at Gardening Know How here.

Friday, August 14

Blooming Sunchokes or AKA Jerusalem Artichokes

Last fall, I found Jerusalem Artichoke (or Sunchoke) Tubers at a local produce stand. When I was a kid, a neighbor grew these and shared them with us. So, I brought these home and planted them. Even if I didn't want to eat the tubers, these blossoms are reason enough to grow them. Pretty! I have been told once you plant Sunchokes you will always have sunchokes. That's fine with me!

Tuesday, August 11

A Butterfly Garden

A garden's precious gifts are not only the beautiful blossoms or delicious produce, but varied creatures venturing inside the garden walls. Yesterday, this visitor to my garden was kind enough to turn and pause for the camera, un-bothered by my presence.

Last fall, I planted purple cone-flower hoping to attract more butterflies to my garden.


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