Thursday, February 22

Feng Shui Tips for the Garden

Guest Post by Ashley Lipman

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art of arranging objects in a way that it relates to the
flow of energy of the area. Feng Shui is done indoors and outdoors. When done
correctly it attracts the energy in a way that inspires comfort and relaxation. More
experienced masters of the art can teach you to decorate your home, and your garden
in a way that brings good health, wealth, and happiness. It does not matter how big or
how small the place is. What matters is the colors and directions that work with nature
to bring the positive energy desired.


Before you begin preparing your flower and/or herb garden, you will need a Bagua.
Bagua is a word that means energy map. This is important as you work within the
map to draw energy. You can find a lot of information online about Bagua, or you
may want to consult with a Feng Shui designer.

Tips For Beginners

Feng Shui uses colors of the elements they attract or represent and placement to
create their atmosphere. The five elements are:

  • Fire

  • Wood

  • Water

  • Metal

  • Earth

The study of Feng Shui is deeply encompassing. We are giving you these tips in
the broadest sense. You will adjust according to your own home and energy or light.

Example: South is the Feng Shui element of Fire. You will express fire with red,
pink, bright yellow, bright orange and purple. You will want the southern part of
your garden to be strong. Do not plant blue flowers or add any element of black.

In Feng Shui there are eight directions and five elements. The mixture of colors will
blend. You can learn more about this here. Click here to learn more about this

Order quality flower seeds from Seed Needs. It is important that you use a quality
vendor to ensure the colors and plants are what you request. Allow for a path that
goes through or winds around the garden for a calming effect. A winding path
attracts Chi (energy) through your garden. Place wind chimes over the garden to
attract the element of wind and add to the peaceful sounds of the garden.

Colors and their meanings:

  • Fire

    • Red

    • Yellow

    • Orange

  • Wood

    • Green

    • Brown

  • Earth

    • Tan

    • Sand

    • Brown

    • Beige

  • Metal

    • White

    • Gray

  • Water

    • Blue

    • Black

Other meanings

Use green to draw elements of health and balance to the family. Blue in the north
of the garden attracts energy to grow your career and in the southeast to bring
more wealth. White in the garden is for children and creativity. Yellow is for
happiness. Keep in mind that the light reflections make a difference. You can add
balance with a rock garden.   

To get the full benefit of Fung Shui, you should apply it to the inside of your home
as well as the outside. The entirety of the chi is what brings the balance and reward
of this ancient art.

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