As told by Caroline.

When Michele moved from London, England to Maine, she and I became close friends. As teen girls do, we shared our crushes, our clothes, and our dreams for the future. When she moved away two years later, I thought I’d lost my best friend. But, through time, distance, and many changes in both our lives, our friendship has endured. Today we live on opposite sides of the continent, yet we are still the best of friends.

Michele’s passion for gardening began in her London childhood. There, Michele’s elderly neighbors instilled in her a penchant for growing things. Their influence still has a hold on Michele. She has gardened wherever she’s lived, from London to Maine, Michigan to Ohio, and now in Portland, Oregon.

Today, Michele is the owner of River Organics, a handmade toiletries and holistic healing business. In addition, Michele is a Ayurveda Health Counselor, Reiki master and Esthetician. As a gifted healer, Michele has touched many lives in countless ways.

Michele is a gentle, compassionate soul who has rescued animals from shelters over the years.

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