Sunday, December 30

Amaryllis Gift

I received this lovely Giant Amaryllis Bulb as a gift.
I thought about about what an easy this would be to make on your own and
how elegant!
Instead of the typical bulb in pot situation, the bulb is set on a round plastic disc to stabilize it and sits on top about 2inches of pebbles. I believe I have seen similar disks in the floral section of arts and craft stores for under $3. You might even be able to skip the disk.
Here is a close up of the pebbles. I know you can find these at your local dollar store. Flat marble type stones could work too or even stones from your own garden as long as they are smooth. The instructions directed me to add one cup of water to the stones.
A warning on the box states not to submerge the bulb in water.
The glass vase is one that is easy to find at the local dollar store or Goodwill.
Here you can see the leaves of the bulb emerging.
One important note is that these bulbs have been forced to bloom for the Holiday Season.

Here are the care instructions. The Amaryllis needs to be kept at 70 degrees.The container also needs to be rotated so the Amaryllis grows straight. I would simply type or hand write the instructions in an enclosed card.

Monday, December 24

Merry Christmas Sprouts Friends & Family

Caroline and I have just started to receive our Spring 2013 Seed Catalogs and can't wait to complete our 2013 Seed List. I have been busy moving my residence and business location still in Portland, Oregon this fall all within a 3 week period. As you can imagine it was quite hectic. Caroline has been busy with one son in college and another finishing high school requirements. Hope to catch you all up with our 2012 Gardening Plans after the new year!

What to do when it is just too Darn hot to Garden?

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