Wednesday, April 17

April Botanical Gifts

I was blessed yesterday with a surprise visit from my mother and father, and they came bearing spring gifts! I thought you'd like to see some of the pretty things they brought. The arrangements were made by my multi-talented mother.

It's spring in Maine but we still don't have any bright colors of which to speak. Other than the blue sky and sea, our world right now is a pallet of muddy shades of brown and grey. So all these cheerful gifts brighten up our house and our spirits while we wait for nature to burst into color.

An arrangement of pansies, violas and pussy-willow branches.

The first pansy of 2019
An arrangement of silk flowers and pussy-willow branches

A large grape-vine wreath adorned with silk flowers, pussy-willows and a robin's egg blue bow

A bouquet of pussy-willows cut from Mom and Dad's pussy-willow tree.

Sunday, April 14

Happy National Gardening Day!

In honor of National Gardening Day, I found this song I used to listen to with my kids when they were small. We loved this song and sang it often!  Enjoy!

Happy National Gardening Day!

Wednesday, April 3

End of March Garden Tour 2019-Portland, OR

There is not much to see, the weather has just started to break. However, it will give you an idea of what the garden looked like in the very beginning of the season. Not much to brag about! Now it is April and time for the most busiest gardening month.So far my community raised beds are planted and that is about it. Currently I am trying to seed start and clean up my patio. Have you started with your garden yet?

What to do when it is just too Darn hot to Garden?

It has been a very hot summer everywhere. From what I have been told it is normal to get 100 plus days from the months here from  May to Oct...