Thursday, September 15

Mid-September Container Garden

 We are still getting plenty of cherry tomatoes from the suckers we rooted a few months ago. It has really increased the amount of tomatoes harvested and I will do it again next year. 

Wednesday, August 17

Maine Garden August 17 2022

                                          Cherry tomatoes grown from suckers 
                                            Eggplant and summer squash
                                               More cherry tomatoes
                                                     Pepper blossom
                                                        Purple Pansies


Tuesday, August 9

Container Vegetable Garden August 9 2022

Eggplant blossoms are quite pretty 

The first little summer squash 

 I was disappointed to see a huge tomato hornworm eating my beefsteak tomatoes. I planted this one from seed back in February amd it was the only one to grow. All other tomatoes we bought from a nursery. But there are more blossoms so hopefully we will get more beefsteaks later.  

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