Sunday, March 17

Happy St. Patrick's Day 2019

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, here's a lovely song composed by Ireland's National Composer Turlough O'Carolan. "Carolan's Receipt" is played on harp and set to images of the Emerald Isle. 

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Wednesday, March 13

Maine Barred Owl

Yesterday, I asked if readers could spy the visitor in my maple tree. Here is a closeup of our local barred owl. I hear this creature more than I see it. Sometimes it's the who who call with which everyone is familiar, but other times it sounds like a hyena laughing and can be quite startling. In the summer, I have heard two owls 'laughing' at the same time. From what I've read, the call that sounds like laughter is a territorial call.

It is a privilege every time I see one which has only happened about five times over the years. They sit so still and quiet, I am certain I've missed seeing an owl even when they are close by.

Lately I have not seen any grey squirrels on my land. Not one. This is unusual and a first in all the years I've been here. Usually they are raiding the bird seed all winter. I am wondering if the barred owl has eaten them all. If so, it's a happy owl, because we were overrun with squirrels last fall and now not even one.

For more information about barred owls visit Cornell Lab of Ornithology here.

Hear a barred owl hoot here.

Hear barred owls laughing here.

Tuesday, March 12

Wildlife in the Woods

Can you spy the visitor sitting in my maple tree? Last Sunday during a snowstorm I looked out and saw this creature looking in. My cats were sitting in the window. I wonder if they were the subject of interest.

Saturday, February 16

Our New Gardening Channel-Seed List 2019 Portland

I am starting the 2019 Gardening Season with my Seed Selection video. Caroline and I are very excited about the upcoming season and have got together virtually to discuss our goals for the season and special projects we will be working on. One project is working on our YouTube channel. We are trying to learn the ins and outs of making videos so please excuse any glaring errors that we might make. We will be focusing on reducing the background noise, but it seems to be a problem on other gardening channels If you have any video topic suggestions please email us at

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