Tuesday, August 9

Container Vegetable Garden August 9 2022

Eggplant blossoms are quite pretty 

The first little summer squash 

 I was disappointed to see a huge tomato hornworm eating my beefsteak tomatoes. I planted this one from seed back in February amd it was the only one to grow. All other tomatoes we bought from a nursery. But there are more blossoms so hopefully we will get more beefsteaks later.  

Friday, August 5

Container Vegetable Garden Early August 2022

 We are harvesting many varieties of small tomato. The beefsteaks aren’t ready yet but progressing nicely. We are also harvesting a variety of fresh greens  

Sunday, July 31

Portable Wheelbarrow Garden

      We’ve been growing veggies in containers this year. I don’t have a lot of sunlight here in the woods, so this is one solution I’ve found. I put the pots in wheelbarrows and move them around to follow the sun. My plants are in containers set in the wheelbarrow, but I’ve seen other gardeners plant the whole wheelbarrow.

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