Monday, July 8

Note to Michele: Early July Flower Garden


I have a lot of new things blooming in my flower gardens since the last time I took you on a tour. Would you like to see what made an appearance this past week?
This Swallowtail butterfly liked my patch of Sweet William. It hung around quite some time for a photo shoot. I think it's had some of its wings tips bitten off by a predator. Maybe that's why they are named Swallowtails? Because they get their tails swallowed by predators? It should have a long 'tail' to each wing. You can see a photo of a uninjured Swallowtail here. This one in my garden didn't seem hindered at all by the loss of its tail wings.
We had a very rainy few weeks. One evening, as a storm blew up, I ran outside to get a photo of the roses and mock orange before the wind blew all the petals off. You can see the wind chimes swaying in the wind.
A pink rose
Climbing Red Blaze Roses
Sweet William
I have had these flowers for about 20 years. They came from my mother's garden. We aren't sure what they are called, but I think it might be yellow loosestrife. If any of our readers know otherwise, please let me know in the comments.
This was another gift from my mother's garden and is doing quite well. It's a bright yellow flowering ground cover. I have no idea what it's called. I'd love to know, so if anyone can help me out, please leave a comment! 

What's happening in your garden?


Sunday, July 7

Mom and Dad's Flower Garden at Dusk

 A few years ago, I showed you my Mom and Dad's deck adorned with summer flowers. Last night at dusk, I snapped photos of this summer's flowers for you to see.
This is their new three tiered hanging basket. They bought a two tiered basket, then added the larger bottom basket which was sold individually. They planted it with geraniums, begonias and ivy. It hangs on their front porch above a large pot of begonias.
These marigolds are a pretty pale yellow.
Even the mailbox is a pretty garden!
Pink geraniums planted under the mailbox.
The hydrangeas are in bloom.
I think they look like elegant summer snowballs.
In this close-up you can see the hundreds of tiny flowers making up each cluster.
Mom and Dad have several of these pretty iron window boxes on their deck. This year they are planted with sweet alyssum, bright yellow marigolds, and red geraniums. Before the summer is out, I will give you a day time tour to show you more of their pretty containers filled with flowers.

Friday, July 5

Flowers on the 4th

It's a tradition in our family to head down to Ogunquit, Maine to watch their great fireworks display. Before the sun set, we walked around Perkins Cove, taking in the sights and visiting the shops. I took some flowery photographs for you to share the lovely gardens and window boxes around the cove, many decorated with patriotic flags for the occasion. Between the festive mood, the pretty little gardens, quaint shops, and the fireworks, we had a memorable 4th of July.

Red, White, Blue and Roses

Geraniums and Old Glory on a candy store window

A boat for a planter- clever!

Cute rustic display outside the Christmas shop.

Blue hydrangea

A pretty little pocket garden

A view of Perkin's Cove from the Marginal Way
Boats at their moorings
Happy Independence Day!

Wednesday, July 3

Bonneville Dam and Fish Ladder-OR

Built in 1938 to improve navigation on the Columbia River and provide hydro power to the area. Forty miles from Portland, the Bonneville Dam and fish ladder is considered a national historical site in the heart of the Columbia River Gorge.

Part of a holding tank

A visual of the power of the water

Small Rainbow Trout Pool

This is a fish not a shark. I think he was about 5ft long

Two smaller friends

Viewing tank house

Lovely flower display
Nice garden attached to a staff building

Columbia River Gorge

My mom is in town from Michigan and we visited the Columbia River Gorge area, just a 30 minute drive from downtown Portland. Here is what you see from the Crown Point viewing area that includes the historical Vista House. Inside the Vista House is a cute gift shop and the nicest public restrooms I have ever seen compete with marble floors and walls.

Our next stop were the falls including Multnomah Falls just one of many falls in the same area. Other sites includes Beacon rock, Cape Horn and Rooster Rock. How lucky we are here to have such breath taking scenery right outside our backdoor.

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