Friday, May 31

June garden walk through in late May-Portland, OR

Our roses started blooming a few weeks ago

Hostas look great this year

My Lambswool plant doubled in size.

Small, ground cover of Lemon Tyme

Candytuff one of the earliest perennials to flower

More Hosta

Succulent ground cover

Wednesday, May 29

Spring Blossoms in Maine

Flowers are finally blooming in Maine!

Lilacs perfume the air...
We have daffodils...
 Annuals in containers everywhere...
 My purple tulips...
and yellow tulips...
and wild blossoms are seen on a mountain hike. 

Monday, May 6

Introducing Pansy the Cat

Some of my fondest gardening memories are of my cats following me through the garden, watching me weed, chasing grasshoppers, dashing up tree trunks, and especially clowning around as I rake leaves. I've shared countless cat pictures over the years on Sprouts.

This is my newest cat appropriately named "Pansy" I hope she will spend many happy years in my garden, as all my cats have. Here she is pictured when we first brought her home from the shelter at 10 weeks old:

Now she's bigger. She loves "Cat TV"

and watching squirrels on the other side of the window...

She's nearly full grown now and ready to accompany me and my other cat, Chloe, into the garden this summer. 

Wednesday, May 1

Happy May Day!

We saw this Maypole at the NH Renaissance Faire in 2016. A maypole is a 600 year old tradition originating in European folk festivals. Ribbons are attached to the top and a dance is performed. By the end of the dance, a lovely woven pattern covers the pole (if all goes well!) The festival can occur on May Day, Pentecost or Mid-summer. 

What to do when it is just too Darn hot to Garden?

It has been a very hot summer everywhere. From what I have been told it is normal to get 100 plus days from the months here from  May to Oct...