Portland Oregon

About my Portland Garden

I garden on a private community plot. Community gardening is popular in Portland . Public plots are ran by the Park & Recreation department. My garden was set up by a private person and is located on land donated by a area business. It is right on my street. I also have a patio where I garden at my apartment.

I try to follow organic gardening principles, including no herbicides, pesticides or chemical fertilizer. Our community garden is all raised beds. Tools are provided and we make our own compost.

Since space is limited at my plot so the majority of what I will be growing are vegetables. In Portland I can garden almost all year round, and my goal is to provide at least 50% of my produce supplies from my own garden.

Portland, OR Frost Dates
Last-4/26 First 10/18

You can learn more about Portland, Oregon's climate here.

My Gardens

Community Garden

Gulch garden is going to be a woodland garden
My patio

A rose from my garden
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Portland, Oregon Photos

Portland Rose Garden

Portland Rose Garden

Portland Rose Garden

Portland Chinese Gardens

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