Sunday, July 27

Propagating Petunias from Cuttings

This was an unintentional discovery. While deadheading my petunias, a piece broke off. It had pretty blossoms on it so I put it in a small vase on the kitchen window sill. Then I forgot about it until yesterday. The blossoms died and I was about to toss it in the compost, when I noticed these roots growing.
It rooted without rooting hormone- just plain water. So I planted it. Easy.
This is what my cutting will develop into once established. I bought these mini white petunias on clearance at a department store in June. They were half off because they had been neglected and dried out. It didn't take long for them to bounce back with a little water and pruning.

From now on when I have some cuttings left from pruning, I'll put them in a vase to propagate more petunia plants.

Turns out Petunias, as well as Tomato cuttings, root very easily. Take a look at these videos to see how Halvor in Norway roots his tomatoes and petunias.

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