Monday, May 22

First Blooms, Portland, OR

One of my first roses to bloom every year

Here is a look at what is blooming in my May garden. The weather has taken a change for the better, which has resulted in the gardens first blooms. All of these flowers are on my patio.

Unknown climbing Rose

This peach rose is a climbing variety at the side of my house. I don't prune or deadhead it much because the rose plant is so tall, that I would need a ladder to reach the blooms.

One of my potted Roses

I don't remember planting so many pink roses last year. This is one of  the cheap roses I bought last Spring for $3,99 from Fred Meyers. I planted it along with the other pink rose in a one gallon pot. It needs to be transplanted to a bigger pot this year. I would suggest that you start with a 2 gallon pot or bigger first if you want to grow your roses in pots.

Another pink Rose that turned peach when cut

I have noticed that the colors of the roses in my garden this year are really intense. This might be because I have been feeding all my plants with Organic Fish Emulsion. It is a liquid fertilizer that you just mix with water and apply around your plant every few weeks. I also have 3 very expensive David Austin old fashion English roses in pots.

Hostas do good in the shade

It appears that it is a good hosta season. I love hostas. These are also potted on my patio.  There is no escaping slugs here  with our wet Oregon weather. I have been using organic slug pellets. Some years I have put out dishes of Beer and that has worked most of the time. This year I did not want to take any chances.

This one is by my front door

Pink Snapdragons

This is a annual Snapdragon that never died. Annuals will often do that here in Portland because of our very mild winters.

Potted Strawberries

Potted Strawberries. My favorite fruit. I also have a raised bed for Strawberries.I mix the June fruiting varieties with the ones that produce fruit many times during the season.

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