Thursday, July 27

Summer Update-Portland, OR

Cucumbers grown in the GreenStalk system

Below is a bed of Cosmos ready to flower. Cosmos is one of the annuals that I direct sowed this year that is doing well. Zinnia is the other one. Both should put on a fabulous show into late fall if I continue to keep cutting them for bouquets. This year I grew florist quality seeds which means these varieties are for cutting and have longer stalks than seed varieties grown in your garden.

The Cosmos are nearly my height
More mini beds of flowers in salvaged drawers. I love mini beds because they can act sort of like a new plant nursery. This year I used them to grow new varieties of annuals. 

Mini beds of annuals
I have two kinds of strawberries, the ones that fruit once and the ones that fruit several times. This year I am in a losing battle with birds. Just when a strawberry is ready to harvest, I notice the next day that a bird has consumed it. It is most frustrating. I wonder if it is the family of Bluebirds that make their home in my garden.
Strawberries in the "Greenstalk" container
 This was my first salad of 100% harvested vegetables. The tomatoes have just started to fruit. This is the SunGold variety. They are always sweet.
Salad from the garden
 Here is a photo of my mother with a fresh cut bouquet from the garden.
Flowers included snapdragons, roses and herbs for greenery.
Mum gets a bouquet of garden flowers

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