Wednesday, September 13

Noe to Caroline-Fall Clean Up started in Portland, OR

Hi Caroline,

Here is the first video that I made for the blog using the new Adobe Spark program everyone on the internet is talking about, For now it is free, so you may want to check it out too. I know we have talked about adding videos and having a Sprouts YouTube Channel.

It is still very warm here, but it could turn to fall at any moment. My priorities include collecting seeds, harvesting, and tidying what is left up before it starts raining everyday. I should have plenty seeds to share. This is the first year that I am actually saving seeds to use next year and it is a lot of fun.

Is it Fall there? I know you have been working in your garden too and have some exciting projects planned for next year that you will announce to the readers soon. I am getting more and more interested in Bio dynamic gardening.It is said to be more organic than organic gardening. They use certain plants to fertilize the soil and plant everything according to the moons cycles. I think if I can focus on planning on transitioning over this winter then I will be ready in the fall. 

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