Tuesday, October 31

5 Tips for Early Winter Rose Care in milder zones of the Pacific NW

Roses this time of the year in milder regions of the Pacific NW may still be in bloom, although these blooms are far and few between. This week I noticed the first frost on the ground where I live in Portland, OR. This pink rose is one of my "David Austin" roses that I planted this year.  Since roses can be costly, you may want to take extra care to protect them so they can survive the winter.

Here are 5 tips for Early Winter Rose Care in the milder zones of the Pacific NW

1. Leave any remaining roses on the plant until they fully die.
2. Remove all diseased leafs or twigs and make sure to throw them away.
3. Prune in the spring unless you have hybrid tea roses or floribundas. If you have these roses prune to waist height to protect roses from wind damage. Prune most Pacific NW roses Feb-March.
4. Check pH levels. They should be 6.5-7.0. If low add a cup of lime. You can also do this in Spring.
5. Plan what roses you want to buy for next season while there is less to do in the garden.

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