Saturday, August 29

Waterfalls in the Columbia River Gorge-Near Portland, OR

Multnomah Falls is Oregon's most famous natural attraction. But all together there are another 76 other waterfalls to visit in the area. Other falls just minutes from Multnomah include Wahkeena, Latoourell and Horsetail Falls. Parking is very limited, so if you are visiting you might want to consider talking a bus tour. One I take on a regular basis is
As of the date of this post prices were $54 for adults, $27 for youths and free for children under 6.

Another beautiful waterfall in the Gorge area

View from the other side of a waterfall

Multnomah Falls


Hannah said...

I haven't been to Multnomah Falls for a few years, cool photos. There are some waterfalls that are small on my side of the Columbia River, Lucia and Moulton Falls, people like to swim or wade there, or jump off the sides into the water, not always safely. I saw a Dipper at one of them, a fun bird to observe, dipping and popping underwater.

NC Sue said...

Nice photos of what appears to be a lovely location.
I hope you'll come link up at

Michele from Sprouts said...

@ NC Sue. Thanks for your comment and we will check out your blog.

Michele at Sprouts said...

@Hannah. I will have to check out your side of the Columbia River next summer. They sound just as beautiful.

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