Sunday, August 16

Growing Zinnias from Seed

 In March, I purchased two packets of zinnia seeds at Walmart for 20 cents each. I have been so surprised by the results- a variety of shapes, colors and sizes of zinneas in my garden. I am so happy with these I think this will become a permanent tradition.
The colors are so vibrant- pinks both pale and bright, shades of red, orange and yellow, flat flowers, tall flowers....such variety!

I started them indoors on a window sill. When the weather was warm enough they went into my little greenhouse. After that I transplanted them into the garden beds.
Take a look at this crazy blossom with petals growing out of the center. I'd call it a whirligig zinnia if I could name it. This was the only blossom that did this, the others were symmetrical.
 I love the combination of three colors in this specimen.
And this tall but compact zinnia steals the show with layer upon layer of hot pink petals. So pretty!

The only problem I have encountered is snails....they do like to eat the leaves but so far have only damaged one plant. Other than that...success!

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