Friday, February 3

Note to Caroline: 2012 Seeds have arrived

My seeds have arrived. I can't believe that in a month or so it will be time to start planting here (hopefully!). I will post my selection of 2012 seeds soon so that we can decide what seeds we will share this year. As we discussed earlier there will not be too many exotic varieties since we had awful luck with anything exotic or unusual. I think your Dad was right when he informed you that most of the unusual varieties would not grow. I think the only exotic sounding seed I ordered this year was variety of  yellow strawberries.

As you know most of the seeds came from Baker Creek, but I also ordered more strawberries and potatoes from Territorial Seed Company. Everyone orders from Territorial Seed Company around here. They are based in Cottage Grove, Oregon.

Another change from last year is that I going light, so to speak, on summer vegetables like peppers, egg plant and tomatoes. They just don't grow that great here. Spring and Winter crops do very well here because of the cool, mild climate.

Not sure if I told you that I received some great metal identification markers (no more popsicle sticks) and a dehydrator for Christmas. I am really looking forward to growing some more herbs for teas and cooking.

Have you decided where you are going to order your seeds from or if you will even order seeds this year. One other question I have is whether you will keep your community garden plot?
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