Sunday, February 5

Note to Michele

It may be winter, but we're starting to think about spring around our house. Just the other day my son said “I need to see something growing!” So, he broke up some garlic and planted the cloves in a pot on the windowsill. Today, I noticed the leaves are about 4 inches high already.  Other than the Halloween snow storm, it’s been a relatively mild winter here, so we can't complain, but it will be nice to get back to gardening.

My children and I are contemplating a community garden plot again. I’m leaning toward growing our garden entirely at home, but the kids think they might like to have a community garden again. So the jury is still out on that one. I’m having a lot of fun on Pinterest with my gardening board that’s full of all manner of garden inspiration. My son and I are looking at some thrifty ideas for making a greenhouse of re-purposed materials. Most likely this will just stay in the dream stage, but if ever it does become a reality, it could be a very good thing. He’s always wanted a greenhouse and starting seeds would definitely be much easier.
My daughter is asking to plant more flowers this year, so I told her we could. I think we’ll try starting seeds inside again, learning from last year and hopefully having better results this year. I agree that the exotic plants, while really interesting, were not practical for our growing conditions. Live and learn! As far as seed catalogs, it seems most gardeners I’ve spoken with here order from Johnny’s. I’ve heard their seeds are perfect for the Northeast.

I’m thinking of trying more herbs and salad plants as that is what we use most. We actually had some of last year’s cinnamon lettuce last right up through Christmas. It was tough and bitter but I fed it to our pet guinea pigs and they loved it.
The 2012 seeds look really exciting! I’m glad to hear you were gifted some plant markers. Those will be quite an improvement from popsicle sticks, that’s for sure. I’ll be interested in hear the uses you find for your new dehydrator. I used mine to dry a lot of herbs last fall, as well as some orange slices to make Christmas ornaments.   

Keep  me posted!
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