Tuesday, September 24

New Hampshire Farm Museum Gardens

Interested in the history of farming in New England? If so, the New Hampshire Farm Museum is the place to visit. After a recent trip to the nearby Rochester Fair (which I'll be telling you about in another post) I took my family to the NH Farm Museum in Milton, NH. I knew Sprouts readers would be interested in the gardens, so here are some scenes for you.
 These are the flower beds behind the main house. This house is a series of smaller houses built over time. For many decades it was used as a tavern, which you see in the background.

Does anyone know what these are? Let me know in the comments.
 Late afternoon light looks pretty on September blossoms.
 The museum has a grinder set up for visitors to grind corn for the hens. We enjoyed feeding this flock of friendly chickens.
 For those of you looking for scarecrow inspiration, I took many photos of the scarecrows in the garden.
 I wonder if these were made in one of the many educational programs offered.
This fellow is doing a good job guarding the bean tipi!
 This one seems to be telling hungry critters, "Don't mess with my garden!"
 A scarecrow and an ancient tree.
 In addition to the gardens, we also enjoyed a tour of the farm house, barn and grounds. As the sun set, we were reluctant to leave. We bought some maple sugar candy before we hit the road. Just about as New England as it gets! We'll definitely visit this lovely farm again.
For more information, visit the museum website here.
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