Sunday, September 1

Note to Caroline:Off the topic of Gardening-Late Summer

Well, it seems like Fall is on its way here. My squash and tomato leaves are turning yellow and look like they have had it for the season in a way I have never seen this early before. For Labor Day tomorrow, I am planning a visit to the Community Garden to harvest the rest of the Lemon Cucumbers and Cherry Tomatoes. I think I am going to get my bed ready for a late sowing of Lettuce and Carrots. As usual, I have not made up my mind about Winter Gardening.

Like everyone else I am trying to juggle a lot of plates at the same time, so to speak. My Ayurveda Studies start back up in a few more days and I am looking forward to graduating in June. Ayurveda is the third largest Health System in the world, with Western medicine being number one and Chinese Medicine number two. I will be an Ayurveda Health Counselor and will be helping people with a wide range of health issues through diet and lifestyle adjustment. Right now I am trying to integrate the treatment part of Ayurveda into my existing list of Facial and Energy Work. I can tell you more about the treatments in another post if you are interested?

A Shirodhara Ayurveda Treatment

It is also a busy time for my River Organics Products because Spas and Salons start ordering their Pumpkin Skin and Body Care to use and sell to their customers. I use fresh Pumpkin Pulp in most of the products like the Pumpkin Mask. I often think about adding Pumpkin as a gardening crop although it would have to be a very early variety to be ready on time for my orders that start late August.

Handmade Pumpkin Skin and Body Care

Lastly I am still running my Bridal Dress business Lemon Chiffon Bridal Boutique, but online. I did my first photo shoot a few weeks ago with my Photographer friend Alexis and Model friend Irene. Irene also designs and makes some of the dresses. Like you she is a single mom, but has three children. I think I told you that all the dresses I sell are made by independent designers or vintage. I have also started making Bridal Hair Accessories and Veils like the popular Birdcage Veils and Fascinators. The flowers I use are all handmade by me too.

One of my Birdcage Bandeau Veils with Silk Flower Fascinator

The designer of this dress is Peppermint Pretty

This is a vintage inspired Fascinator or Mini Hat

How is your late summer going? I know school starts back with the kids soon. Have you seen any signs of Fall?

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