Tuesday, April 21

It's finally Spring in Maine!

It was a brutal winter here in New England. This is what my deck looked like in February.
One snow storm ran into another. We still have some snow in spots, but it's finally melting! Everything seems late this year but we are happily in the midst of mud season now.
I set up my little greenhouse on my deck recently. I started some seeds a few weeks ago in pots indoors. This little tote is working out well to put them outside during the day. It makes it easy to bring them back in at night. Since the greenhouse isn't heated and night temperatures aren't warm enough yet, everything comes back in the house at night.
 I have a few projects in the works indoors. We eat a lot of clementines in the winter. I wondered if the seeds would sprout. They did! I made a tiny greenhouse from a soda bottle and a bread bag. I planted the seeds a few months ago and hung the little greenhouse in a sunny window. Now I have little clemantine plants. Some seedlings are shriveling and dying, but I have a few strong survivors. I hope at least one will grow into a plant that will bear fruit. We'll see!
 This is a begonia I wintered over inside. I love begonias because they are so easy to propagate. Just take a cutting and pop it into some water. Soon, roots will appear.
 I also wintered over my geraniums with success this year! I've tried this before with no luck. I read a bathroom is too humid for geraniums, so this year I kept them in a sunny window in a bedroom. They are doing well and even flowered through the winter. I love this color so I'm pleased this was successful.
This little rose is blooming indoors. My daughter gave it to me for Easter. I will plant it outdoors when the weather is warm enough.
Speaking of outdoors, I don't have much to show you other than mud and shrinking mounds of snow. No daffodils, crocus or tulips yet. Really the only thing growing are my Egyptian onions. No matter what I can count on my amazing Egyptian onions!

Happy Spring everyone!
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