Thursday, April 30

Note to Caroline: Peat pot disaster and ripening Strawberries

A few re-potted squash and new pots of melon seeds

So this is the second year that I have used peat pots to start seedlings. And every year I have had problems with leggy seedlings. Is it something I am doing wrong? They are very convenient to use , and I always see fast results. Maybe too fast! I googled to find out what the problem could be and it seems as if I did not move them to the window sill quickly enough after they emerged.

I decided to ditch most of the peat pots except for  one  variety of squash (Winter Keeper), that was not a problem.  I think you idea of sowing directly in mini pots is a good idea and cuts down on transplanting. I have also seen many people using plastic drink cups to plant their seeds.

Potted Pineapple Sage and Oregano

It was another day in the 80's here in Portland, Oregon. I am not complaining, but I am just not used to it being so hot here in April. I had to abandon some of the projects planned like planting beans, just because of the heat. I did manage to plant this pineapple sage today in this pot of Oregano.  Herbs seem to grow fast and take over, so I am keeping them in containers this year.

I planted 3 Tomatoes and a Sweet Pepper today

I did get to plant 3 tomatoes and a sweet pepper. I usually plant these in late May, and sometimes I have to even wait until June before it gets warm enough. I can't get over the fact that I am planting summer crops the same time as my peas are just barely a few inches tall. It might be a great year for all our summer crops here in the Pacific Northwest. I have started some watermelon and cantaloupe seeds on the patio. I am planning to put in more tomatoes and peppers, but I am running out of space.
Can you see my half ripe Strawberries?

Another example of this planting season being weird, is that I already have Strawberries. They are half green and half red. I planted these a few weeks ago, and did not expect them to produce much this year. I love Strawberries. I like the ever bearing varieties that produce fruit the entire season. Although, I think the June bearing varieties are bigger and a tad sweeter.

Rhododendrons in full bloom 

Considering the Roses are in full bloom here, the Rhododendrons seem to be late this year. They just decided to bloom, and can be found all over the neighborhoods of Portland. Another spring favorite that have finished flowering here, are the Tulips and spring bulbs. Oh, I forgot to tell you that there is a repeat visitor to my garden this year. No, not they Coyotes, although they are still around, but moles. I thought they were long gone. I noticed a mound of soil right by one of my raised beds. 

Does anyone know what this is?

A lovely splash of tropical color in April

When do you think you will be able to start planting? Lets plan on getting our 2015 Seed List up soon for our readers. I am glad that we are both excited about growing more flowers this year, and thinking of ways we can save money gardening.

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