Saturday, April 16

Note to Michele: Seed Starting

I must admit I am envious of the roses in Portland that will be blooming soon. It will be two months before we see roses here. In the meantime, I'll look forward to seeing photos you take of the roses in your city. I'm also eager for updates on your progress in your community garden and other plots. I remember you were interested in guerrilla gardening. How is that going? I have heard of biodynamic gardening but I don't know too much about it. It will be nice to learn more from you as your share your interest here on Sprouts.
Thank you for the virtual tour of Pittock Mansion. How interesting! You asked if I have plants to visit any gardens soon. Most don't open for a while, but I expect I will visit my usual favorites. Three that I have never visited, which I hope to see this summer are Fuller Gardens, Enfield Shaker Museum, and Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site. All are in New Hampshire.
I've been starting some seeds here, but it's still early. One problem I am having is space. Where to put all the flats of baby plants until it warms up outside? Today I started some flower seeds. I wondered if there was a way to fit more seeds into a smaller space so did a search on youtube. I found NCTOMATOMAN has some interesting methods. Check out this video below. I don't need to grow as much volume as he does, however, this just might do the trick to fit more into my small spaces. Check out his other videos too. He shows how this planting turns out, as well as many other interesting projects. 
Now I want to show you a seed project of mine that was successful, though it takes a lot of patience. My family enjoys eating clementines. Last winter, I wondered if the seeds might grow into a plant. I honestly didn't have high expectations but thought it would be fun to try. I created a little greenhouse from a soda bottle, put in some dirt and seeds, watered and hung it in my sunniest window. The little plants sprouted but again, I didn't think they'd grow. Some didn't but a few survived. Last summer, I repotted them and put them in my greenhouse for the summer where they continued to grow. One grew stronger than the others and is still growing well in a pot in my house throughout this winter. we also stuck a few extra seeds in the pot when we had lemons, grapefruit and clementines. A few of those have sprouted too so maybe we will get another strong candidate to repot. Now, at this point, my expectations are still realistic and we may never see fruit. But that's okay, the fun is in the trying. One never knows!
Like you, I am eager to hear what our readers have growing in their gardens and do hope we will hear from them in the comment section. ~Caroline
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