Friday, April 15

Note to Michele: Spring 2016


Well, spring is finally starting to show her face in our region.

It was a mild winter, but ironically we had snowfall in April. Lately, it's just felt colder than it should. Maybe it's because the winter was so mild, it seems we should be bathed in green by now. Or perhaps it because Easter was so early this year.

Nevertheless, I'm eager for the weather to warm up, the flowers to bloom and the trees to leaf out.

I jumped the gun back on a warm spell in March and set up my greenhouse.  It was  blown over in a matter of hours when strong winds and a cold front moved in. Live and learn. Soon I will give it another try.

Recently, I lost one of my poplar trees. An expert from the power company said it needed to go as they can snap easily. But, we were able to keep the wood to split into firewood.

I started some seeds recently- peppers, squash, pumpkins and a variety of flowers. Some are already kind of leggy so I need to repot them. I will take your suggestion to set the stems deep in the soil to reduce some of the stem length. That's about it from here. In another few weeks, I hope to have much more garden news for you.

How are things going in your garden?


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