Monday, May 30

Note to Michele: Memorial Day Flowers

Dear Michele,

It's a quiet rainy Memorial day so I thought I'd take the opportunity to photography the blooming plants in my garden for you to see. Suddenly, blossoms have burst open with spring color.

This time of year I mostly have shades of pink and blue.

This is the first sweet William of the season.


The Rhododendrons just opened yesterday. I'll photograph the whole bush once it's covered with blossoms. I'm still waiting on my magenta bush to bloom.

These pansies were a Mother's Day gift from my mother. I also have some plants she gave me last year which surprisingly survived the winter in my garden. I was shocked to see them alive and well this spring.
The lilacs are starting to go by but had such a lovely perfume this year, especially at night. The whole yard smelled wonderful.
I love lilacs and look forward to lilac season all year.

I'm not sure what this wild flower below is. It is growing in large numbers in the forest behind my house. If any one of our readers know, please tell me in the comments. Whatever it is, it is very pretty and I am enjoying them.

That's all for now. I still have a few non-garden things to catch up on with you and will do so soon. I have some photos from a camping trip, a Renaissance Faire, and a country store I can't wait to show you.

Until next time...

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