Monday, November 13

10 Great Christmas Gifts for a Gardener

  1. A Gift Certificate from a Seed Company like Johnny's Seeds Website for Johnny's Seeds  or Territorial Seed Company Territorial Seeds Website
  2. Order a  Rose like a "David Austin Rose" or purchase a gift certificate for one David Austin Roses
  3. Gardening Books Shop Amazon for Gardening Books and Gardening Magazines Subscriptions are always appreciated.
  4. Gardening gloves are basic, but always useful. Try giving 3 pairs tied with a pretty bow
  5. Pots, Containers and Window Boxes are always nice. Here is a container system that we recommend
  6. Gift certificate to get gardening tools sharpened is a unique gift. Search the internet to see if someone in your area provides this service.
  7. Make a Gardening gift basket with hand tools, gardening gloves, plant labels, gardening soap for hands, hand lotion, seed packets, etc. Watch Martha Steward make a gardening gift basket
  8. Plant labels are a must and always needed for any gardener.
  9. Hoe, Spade or any other gardening tools make great gifts.
  10. A pretty Trellis for a climbing Rose,  Jasmine, Clematis or another climber makes a wonderful gift.
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