Sunday, November 5

What to do with your Succulents in the winter in the Pacific NW

Do you have any Succulents in your Pacific NW Garden? Here is a photo of some potted succulents in my garden. The number one tip for winter protection seems obvious, but it is protect them if possible from the rain. If your succulents are potted like mine that is an easy to do. I just moved mine under the cover of my patio. If they are planted in your garden there is not much you can do unless you want to cover them with a "row cover". If you are in milder regions like I am in the Willamette  they should survive the winter. If they don't, you can replace them with more suitable for our climate varieties. Here are three you can try.

3 Succulents that are good to grow it Pacific NW Gardens

Utah Agave
Sedum "Angelina"

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