Sunday, December 10

Country Christmas in Maine Part Two: Indoor Decorations

As promised, part two of Country Christmas in Maine features some of Mom and Dad's pretty indoor decorations. Above is a display of a red poinsettia plant and large pinecones in an antique wooden bowl.

The bay window is filled with plants, ivy wreaths, a Lenox lamp, and a metal Christmas tree with glass ornaments.
This is a live Ivy wreath Mom and Dad grew over the summer, and then formed into topiary. She made two of these for the bay window.

A close up view of the tree.
A pretty display on a ceramic mosaic shelf, with pewter, poinsettias, wrought iron, and Mom's Christmas stoneware by Lenox. The Lenox pattern is Winter Greetings Everyday. Each piece features a different wild bird such as cardinals, goldfinches, chickadees and blue jays.

Coming soon: Country Christmas Ivy Wreath Topiary Tutorial

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