Monday, December 11

Grow Your Own Christmas Wreath Ivy Topiary

Why not grow your own wreaths for Christmas? This is one my mother and father made. I asked Mom for how to instructions to share with our readers.

Step by Step Grow Your Own Christmas Wreath Topiary:

1. Buy or grow your own ivy. A holiday pot will look especially nice.

2. Obtain a wire wreath round. Mom's tip is to buy a wreath at the dollar store and remove the decorations for a budget friendly option. You can also make your own from wire coat hangers or purchase from a hobby or garden shop. Ask for a topiary form.

3. Attach popsicle or craft sticks with hot glue to the bottom, to hold the form in the soil.

4. Once the glue is dry, push the sticks down into the soil. This will hold your wreath form in place.

5.  Gently wrap the ivy around the circular form in a spiral motion.  Continue until all of your ivy is attached to the wreath. You can use florist wire to hold in place if necessary.

6. Decorate with ornamentation of your choice.

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