Sunday, June 23

What June flowering perennials to grow in Portland, OR

A pretty yellow Lilly in a wine crate

There is  nothing better than the display and burst of color that the early summer perennials provide.
The down side is that once most bloom, they do not repeat their displays. Such is the case with these early lilies whose blooms are beginning too fade. It is a Asiatic Lily variety that I planted in a wine crate 3 years ago. It would be good idea if I dig up the plant in the fall and try to propagate more from removing the tiny baby bulbs that are attached to its parent bulb. In our mild winter weather here in Portland, OR I  would just replant them. If you live in a cold area you  may want to replant in the spring. Here is a video. Press the play button in the middle of the two photos.

Daises in a another old wine crate

 In general perennials like these Shasta Daises need to be divided after 2-3 years. Reasons to do this include over crowding and wanting to propagate more plants. In some cases it can rejuvenate plants that are not in good condition. My Shasta Daises are 3 year old and are in a old wine crate. I would like to divide them and plant the extras in the garden. Here is a video on dividing perennials.

Sweet potato vine from a indoor sprouted potato
I experimented this year with a sprouted sweet potato. First I sprouted it in water and planted it outside when the weather is warm, It makes a wonderful tropical looking plant and I might even be rewarded with sweet potato's in the fall. It is a perennial in zones 9-11. Here is a great video that shows you how to start them indoors.

Another mystery that I grew from seed. I think it is a Holly hock not actually a true perennial 
I love Holly hocks because they remind me of the English Cottage styled gardens in London where I lived as a child.  They can grow up to 9 feet and add dramatic vertical height to the garden. They are known as easy growing flowers, but that has never been the case when I have grown them. For some reason they always die out from seed. This season I have discovered that the mystery plant that has not flowered for 2 years is a  Holly hock. It is possible that I planted them about 2 years ago. I can't wait until it flowers. I included them on this post, but you should know that they are short lived perennials and typically live 2-3 years. One bonus is that they do re-seed themselves easily.  

Can anyone identify the white flower? It is from the carrot family and is false Queen Anne's Lace
 I did some research and I think this white flower is called  Ammi Majus. I remember scattering the seed a few years ago. I suspect that I have been pulling it up wrongly identifying it as a weed for a year or so. It produces carrot like leaves. Now that one survived my ignorance I see it is a lovely plant.  I love it for bouquets. Here is a link to where I bought those seeds. Remember to not get the sap on your skin, but I have had no issues with  it so far. From furthur research I have found that this is a perennial in warmer winter climates. It possibly could survive our Portland, Oregon winter in a sheltered place.

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