Friday, August 16

Growing Sedum in Containers

Recently I watched this video from Jeri Landers the Storybook Gardener in which she pots up succulents and sedums in various containers. I thought, "What a fantastic idea! I should try that."

Wouldn't you know, the next time I was at a garden center, it just so happened a variety of sedums and succulents were on sale for $1.10 each. So I decided I'd follow Jeri's example.

                                          I decided to plant them in an empty window box for now.
I have a rock garden which is overgrown with mint and lemon balm right now. I may give it a makeover and transplant these into the rock garden eventually if they are winter hardy in Maine. I need to do a little research.
I have Hens N Chicks, Blue Spruce Stonecrop (Sedum reflexum) and three Sunsparkler varieties. I think I have Sunsparkler Plum Dazzled and Sunsparkler Lidakense, but they weren't marked.

Her gardens are charming!

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