Sunday, April 10

Caroline's Garden in April

 The first crocus of the year. My crocus have special meaning to me. These belonged to my grandmother. She was so proud of her "Jumbo" crocus. They were planted around her hydrangea tree. When we were cleaning out her house to be sold, I dug up some of her bulbs and transplanted them under my cherry tree. They are beautiful, but they never get as big for me as they did for her.
 Daffodils will open soon. I also have some tulips coming up and soon the vinca will bloom. I also found a little patch of cilantro that survived the winter.
 A view of my fenced in garden. Lots of work to do once the snow melts. Compare the snow level to the February picture in the sidebar. We've come a long way since then!
My new little greenhouse.
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