Saturday, April 9

Note to Michele: Greenhouse, Onions and Cats in the Pea Patch


Thanks for the information about your community garden. I've never participated in a community garden before so it helps to know what to expect. I'll keep you posted.

This morning I put together the small greenhouse my children gave me for my birthday. It only took a few minutes and I'm impressed considering it only cost $20 at Big Lots. It seems stable and also includes two solar powered flood lights. I also saw a source of free old windows and may pick up a few to build a cold frame.

I walked my property yesterday assessing the condition and things that need to be done. I discovered a pine tree uprooted in the forest. I'm not sure when that happened but I think it is recent. So that makes two trees I've lost this winter. 

My raised bed filled with onions and chives is coming to life. I have chives, garlic chives, yellow onions and Egyptian onions. I'll tell you more about the Egyptian onions soon. I can also send you a few of the bulbs to start your own. This is a most entertaining plant. If you plant some, you'll see what I mean.
I've encountered a problem with my pea patch. The cats think I've tilled the soil just for them and are enjoying digging in it. I discovered a large hole in the center of the patch. Any suggestions?

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