Monday, November 7

Note to Caroline:November Portland Community Garden Update

I went to the garden today to check on my cover crop of Rye & Clover. Nothing new to report on that subject other than the seeds have sprouted and look like tiny blades of grass. I don't have much to do now other than planning next year's garden. I can't wait for the seed catalogs to arrive.
I took a this photo of moss on a stone wall around the garden because I know how much you love it. I hate moss. It is all over the place in Portland, walls, houses, trees and even the pavement.
Here is a photo of Ivy that is invasive here and most parts of the country. It is also a good example of how everything remains green here all year.
Guess what? I have more flowers. I pulled these out a few months ago, but they self-seeded.
The Parsley still is going strong and I continue to harvest it weekly.
The Chives are still doing good too!
 Cosmos still in bloom
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