Saturday, November 12

Note to Michele: Moss and other things

Hi Michele,

You are right about that moss. I wish I had moss covered stones like that in my garden. I do think moss is beautiful. I know you disagree!

Garden season is pretty much over here. I'm envious of the things you have left growing in your garden. The main even here right now would be the fall leaves. This year the leaves changed later, were not as brilliant as they usual are and are dropping off the trees later. I've heard it's due to the high amount of rain and a fungus on the maples.

 Yesterday was blustery, so it was raining leaves around here. Soon, we'll have the task of raking up all these leaves. Some people rake all Autumn to keep the ground free of leaves, but I take the lazy approach and wait until they are all off the trees. I've heard it damages the lawn, but I'm not big into lawns so I don't care. My front lawn is mostly moss!

We've had some warm days this week, but today is cold and I have a fire in the fireplace to take the chill off. Here's a photo from a warm day last week. We visited a park in NH with some of our friends. I thought these trees were particularly pretty along the pond.

Do you have a lot of colorful leaves in Portland?

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