Saturday, January 19

Note to Michele: Dad's Do It Yourself Amaryllis Support

Dear Michele,

Last night, I took photos of my mother's amaryllis in full bloom for you to see. 

I love the color and pattern on this variety. It looks so pretty this time of year when we really need a splash of color in the dead of winter. She grows it in her bay window. The snow gives a lovely backdrop to the coral color of the flowers.

 I also took photos of the clever DIY support my Dad designed to prevent the stem from breaking off from the weight of the blooms.
Using wire cutters, he cut a coated wire coat hanger to size. Then, he heated it over the burner on his stovetop, being careful not to get it too hot, as that might melt the coating. Using pliers, he bent it to the desired size and shape. In the photo above you can see how perfectly is supports the tall stem.

Next year I definitely want to grow an amaryllis myself.

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