Monday, January 28

Note to Michele: Deer in the Garden

Look at the visitor we had in our backyard today! Seems this White-tailed Deer found something tasty in my perennial border. She pawed at the snow and nibbled at the dry stalks I neglected to cut back in the fall. I think she was eating the vinca minor, also known as periwinkles or creeping myrtle, which is a ground cover that stays green all winter. She stayed for a good 25 minutes nibbling at my garden. This photo isn't the best because it was taken through a window.

The photo above shows one plant she nibbled at. I think it's the remains of my phlox. We all enjoyed watching her, including Chloe the cat. Chloe sat outside on a window sill watching the deer. Chloe likes to play games with our backyard squirrels. By the look on Chloe's face, we think she was contemplating this beautiful creature as a new playmate.

When the doe decided to leave our garden, she headed this way, through the snow covered trees.

Hours later, when my son took the dog outside, he said the deer was back. Perhaps we have a new friend? She can eat all the vinca she wants as I have loads of it and it grows like crazy around here.

 On another note, my daughter decided to put a splash of color on our otherwise white and gray winter garden. I thought you'd like seeing our bright snow friend. The snow won't last long. The forecast says we'll be getting up to 50 degrees on Wednesday. After some bitter cold this past week, a warm day will be very nice.

And while waiting for the nice warm weather, I'll browse through my seed catalogs and ponder all the amazing possibilities!
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