Monday, April 29

Note to Caroline: First harvest of sorts

Caroline, your garden looks great! I can't believe how much you have done in a very short time and
now it seems as if you are in full blown spring planting mode. I have a padded envelope full of the seeds that I have started to post to you tomorrow. I had a few packets from last year so we are actually sharing more than we indicated on our 2013 seed list. I hope you guys enjoy beets because we have three varieties of them. Here are some photos I took from the community plot this morning.

Here is the lettuce that I harvested this morning. Basically I was thinning it out.
Good news-no slugs this year yet.

Potatoes that I did not plant. I have discovered that I have at least six plants that someone put in last year.
My only concern is that it is going to take up room that I had anticipated for other vegetables.

Here are those Cha Cha Chives. I clipped a little of it off for my dinner salad.

A raised bed project in progress at the community garden.

Lavender in bloom.

Sage. I love Sage!

I planted 4 Cherry Tomatoes this morning. It is a tad early, but I was able to buy 4 plants for 0.79c.

Photo of the greens I harvested today. Hopefully the peas will be ready in another few weeks.

Here is a video about making an American Salad from the Garden Girl.

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