Saturday, May 4

Note to Michele: My New Pile of Loam and the Virtues of Rock Dust


Just wanted to show you my new pile of dirt. Specifically, it is three yards of screened loam that arrived today. I think I'm going to order some rock dust to add to it. I've been watching Growing Your Greens on Youtube and John talks a lot about the virtues of rock dust. In addition, I'll add some compost and then to my gardens it goes. When my house was built, gravel fill was used with very little topsoil, so I've had to bring in good loam for the gardens over the years. When my kids were little, a truckload of loam was always a happy event for them. Their collection of Tonka trucks came out of storage and they'd play for days making roads, towns, and rivers in the loam pile. I almost hated to lug it to the gardens and spoil their fun.

Here are a few videos by John at Growing Your Greens discussing rock dust. I'm intrigued and want to give it a try!

Want to see more? Go to YouTube and search for Growing Your Greens Rock Dust.  John has even more to say on the subject. I'm convinced!
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