Saturday, May 16

Propagating Geraniums From Cuttings

For many years now, I've tried to keep my geraniums through the winter, with very little success. This winter, however, all survived. 

In the past, I kept geraniums in a bathroom, erroneously thinking the humidity would be beneficial. However, by March most had died. Two years ago, I tried storing them without soil in the attic in paper bags. That failed me as well, but I know others have had success with the method.
Two things I did differently this year- I kept them in my sunniest window away from the humidity, and I watered sparingly, just enough to moisten the soil and letting the soil dry out between watering. 

They continued to grow and bloom throughout the winter. The plants were now quite lanky and in need of pruning. 

I researched starting new plants. I learned Spring is the best time of year to propagate from cuttings. Since my geraniums needed pruning back anyway, I gave it a go.

Here's what I did:

1) Removed dead or dying leaves and all blossoms
2) Cut a few inches the tops off each stem

3) Removed leaves on lower part of stem
4) Dipped stem in rooting powder
 5) Pushed stems down into potting soil
6) Watered well.

If what I've been learning holds true, I hope to have some new geraniums this year.

Fingers crossed!
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