Tuesday, July 12

How To Make a Triangle Raised Bed With No Power Tools

I had an old stump in my yard from a dead oak we cut down 20 years ago. I had three long planks. I had some stakes. I had a pile of loam. I had a daughter willing to lend me a hand. I didn't have any power tools.

This was the result. At first I was thinking of making a rectangle or square raised bed but would need to either a) use power tools which I didn't want to do or b) buy another plank the same length which I also didn't want to do. Then it hit me! Why not a triangle shaped raised bed?

Here's what we did in three easy steps:

1. Arranged the planks into a triangle shape around the old stump.
2.  Drove stakes into the ground to hold the planks in place. We used ample numbers of stakes so the planks won't move out of place. Stakes were placed on the inside and outside of the bed for maximum stability.
3. Filled the bed with loam and compost.


My new triangle bed is in the shade so I planted hostas, astilbe and impatiens in it. I decorated the stump with a bowl for the wildlife to have water. This is just a bowl I found at a thrift store. I think it was once part of a set with a pitcher. I also added a cherub statue I moved from another location in my garden.

We are pleased with the result. I will post more photos as the plants grow and fill the bed.
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