Sunday, June 25

Billings Farm and Museum Woodstock, Vermont

We took so many photos at the Billings Farm, it was difficult to decide which to post!

 The picturesque Billings Farm and Museum across the street from the Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historic site, it not your ordinary New England farm. Frederick Billings owned the farm, but he didn't live on it. We toured the farm house, which was state of the art for 1890 and built for the farm manager and his family. It's too much for me to relay here, so do visit their website to learn about the fascinating history.

A vegetable garden sits outside the farmhouse, but when we visited in early June, was just getting started, with herbs and rhubarb growing. The guide told us they are in the process of planting it with heirloom varieties. Inside the house, we saw the most incredible pantry, where produce was preserved and stored.

In addition to touring the house, we learned about heirloom breeds of chickens, cows, sheep and horses.


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