Tuesday, September 4

Note to Michele: Chrysanthemums and Mini-Scarecrows


Can it really be September? It feels like I blinked and summer was gone just like that. The garden is on the decline, with only phlox blooming now and just a few cherry tomatoes, herbs, greens and peppers left to harvest, but sadly no more than a handful of each (more about that later.) The record breaking heat and heavy humidity this summer did not set well with my plants. But crisp autumn air is just around the corner and it's now time to move on to my favorite time of year.

To kick off the change in seasons, I was given these beautiful Chrysanthemums by my mother and father. What a lovely surprise!

I love the expressions on the mini-scarecrows! They are so cute and will make me smile for the next few months as we move from late summer, through beautiful autumn and to the brink of....gulp...dare I say it? Winter. But I digress...

Isn't her smiling face just darling? 

And he looks content sitting in his pot of yellow mums, which are about to burst into bloom.

Here's to the start of a gorgeous new season just around the corner! What signs of the season are you seeing in your neck of the woods?


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